10 pounds down


I’m excited about this milestone in my weight loss journey. 😊

I gained upwards of 50 lbs 😳while pregnant with Marek, which can easily happen when you don’t step on a scale (and look away during all those well woman checkups 😂), wear stretchy maternity clothes (from 14 weeks on 🤪) and avoid mirrors.

As someone who’s always suffered from negative self image issues, this has been the hardest part of being postpartum — the excess flab and the constant concern over what to wear to hide this new mom bod. My clothes don’t fit. I’m suuuuper self conscious and, quite honestly, I’m embarrassed.

So I’ve decided to change it.

I started walking around 4 weeks pp to prep my body for what’s to come. I began with a short walk around the block and gradually went farther each time. I then rekindled my love affair with spin classes. 😍 Let’s be real. I can’t make the time to get to a gym these days so I set up my indoor cycle and a small weight rack in our basement. It’s not perfect but it works.

OMG (!!!) the Peloton app has absolutely saved me. Seriously. It’s the freaking bomb dot com, and I’m hooked. 🙌🏼 The app brings high energy spin classes right to my phone and I’m borderline obsessed with the options and instructors. I simply pop in my wireless headphones and rock out some cardio in 20-30 minutes. It’s perfection. 🙌🏼 I also took a look at my diet and realized I was eating like a college frat boy …😂 … so I put a stop to that craziness, downloaded the LoseIt app to give me some accountability, and have been tracking my food for the past month. Knowledge is power and I’m beefing up my nutritional IQ little by little. 🤗

It’s a process for sure, yet I already FEEL a million times better. I’m choosing healthy foods with plenty of lean protein, healthy fats and carbs. I’m getting stronger and reminding my muscles how much they love getting worked (😝), and I know I’m headed down the right path.

This weight loss journey is something I want to do not only for myself (so I can finally feel like “me” again), but it’s something I owe my kids so they have a healthy and happy mom. 😊 They are my reason, and my dailymotivation.

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