Back to work (again); time to launch this site


We all know the feeling. Part excitement and anticipation, part anxiety and guilt. There’s no sugar-coating the rollercoaster of emotion every working mother faces as maternity leave draws to a close and the inevitable return to a “new normal” begins.

I think it’s absolutely insane that America doesn’t do anything at the federal level to support new parents. Actually, if you haven’t seen Ally Wong’s “Hard Knock Wife” comedy special yet (available on Netflix), do yourself a favor and watch it. Like right now. “This is why we NEED maternity leave.”

Next week marks my last week of leave after having our second, and last, baby. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the 1:1 time with my newborn. Granted, we did take a significant financial hit with me essentially going unpaid for 8 weeks (out of 12). That said, you can always make more money but you can’t get back the precious time with your new baby. At least that’s the narrative my husband and I keep telling ourselves. He doesn’t look at our budget as often as I do. 😳 Perhaps that comes with being the primary “breadwinner,” I’m not sure. All I know is that children are expensive from the get go. And being a working mom who carries the bulk of the financial load, I have a lot of opinions. 😊

Alas, maternity leave gave me some much needed space to heal and hit the reset button on my priorities and how I want to continue balancing professional ambition with personal aspirations.

Hence this blog.

I’m no stranger to the blogging community. As a single twenty something, I documented all my dating woes and adulting adventures on Inherit H. I never attempted to cultivate a community or anything like that. I simply wrote diary-style as a way to feel better and because I love to write. I’m a marketer by trade and have worked in the MarComm industry for 15+ years now.

Why this blog? Why now? I feel like I may actually have something of value to share. It’s my hope to connect with other women and men who can relate to the challenges (and the bright spots) that come from being a dual income family. Or just what it’s like to raise a family, be a good spouse, or try to cultivate a level of happiness as an individual in today’s America when you’re being pulled in so many directions.

“An F to Give” is purposely a bit vulgar in its name because I intend to keep things real and share raw emotion, and I will absolutely drop some F bombs along the way. However, the “Fs” I’m referring to here are basic life categories I plan to talk about – family, fitness, food, fashion, and fun. All the things those of us in our thirties (and forties) are trying to balance.

I hope you’ll come along with me… share your experiences, comment on the posts or simply find comfort knowing that you’re not alone. We all struggle with life shit. The common ground I believe we all share is the desire to live full enriching lives. We all want to be happy and we want to raise happy, healthy kids.

Here’s to the next several years.


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