3 signs you’re momming so hard


Please tell me I’m not alone. That other moms go from “zero Fs to give” to “holy hell the house needs to be burned to the ground it’s so gross” like a cork on a champagne bottle. 🍾


I can always tell when I’m about to go bananas 🍌 …

  1. I’m feeling super stressed (like maternity leave ending).
  2. The kids have made more messes than I could keep up with, or things aren’t where they belong (like my husband’s suitcase of clothes from vacation TWO POINT FIVE WEEKS AGO).
  3. And, here’s the real kicker, I’ve hit my limit on “letting things go.”

The result is usually a clean, organized home worthy of house guests. I just wish this home state was sustainable all the time. But, kids… and dogs… and husbands. Y’know life. We actually live here!

Alas, here are three signs my OCD cleaning spree was kicking in.

1. Rogue carpet strings. Do you see them?

How about now?

I removed them all.

2. Crap-catching creases. I love our kitchen table but knew these little creases would collect all the crap. Time to remedy this.

Anyone else do this, or am I crazy? Maybe don’t answer that… 🤪

3. Honey-do list. Apologies in advance to my other half but no downtime until this sh*t is done.

It shouldn’t take more than a few hours, but here’s on rule:

I’m not available to occupy our kids while you do this.

After all, I just cleaned an entire house (6 hours) with two kiddos in tow. #mommingsohard

xo ~H

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