Day 1 of our new normal


Phew! The anxiety of returning to work is finally over.

While I’m in disbelief at how quickly my maternity leave came and went, I’m so relieved that our little man was flashing his double dimps at all the ladies at “school” today.

Receiving pics like these made my first day back immensely more enjoyable. Baby boy had a good day, as did this mama.

The first day back can be a doozy. I learned my lesson with our first born that joining my husband for drop off was not a good idea. Like Carrie Underwood’s newest hit reveals, you “Can’t Cry Pretty!”

Alas, we all survived. Hell, we all thrived. Baby continued getting loved on (albeit I hope he still loves mine most) and mama got to use her brain and restart that creative hum that my marketing career gives me.

Win. Win.

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