Getting into a new routine


Hey, lovelies!

Another day, another Peloton ride. I haven’t pulled the trigger on an actual Peloton cycle. I just don’t have upwards of $2500 to drop on myself right now.

However, I was lucky to inherit a Lemond cycle from my mother-in-law. And since I’ve taken hundreds of spin classes in my younger years, it was easy enough for me to translate the cadence and resistance numbers the Peloton instructors reference.

In fact, I got quite the sweat sesh in in just under 35 minutes.

I also love how the app tracks your workout days so you can see your progress… or when you’re slacking!

Another thing I lurrrrve is the tracks my of which classes you took so you always know which instructors and genres motivate you the most.

More to come in a future post, but I’d love to hear about your favorite workout apps, or what you want to know about Peloton.

xo ~H

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