F*ck yeah! 20 pounds down


You guys!!! I’ve hit another milestone in my #weightlossjourney and I’m trying real hard not to brag about it. But who am I kidding; 20 pounds is like carrying two infants around. All. Day. Long! So I hope you don’t mind my mini celebration here.

Since my OB gave me the ‘all clear’ May 11 (2018), I’ve amped up my workout game with on-demand Peloton sessions and have been calorie counting via the LoseIt app to keep me accountable. And it’s working.

The best part is I’m not depriving myself of anything. I’m simply choosing better options or indulging when I want, like drinking a few Bud Light Limes over the holiday!

Perhaps the best part? My energy level is coming back. My ‘happy factor’ is slowly returning. And, most importantly, my kids are getting a better version of mom at home.

I still have a ways to go to teach my goal but my favorite sister reminded me to focus on short-term goals so the long one isn’t so lofty. 😊

Anyone else on their own weight loss journey? What’s working for you?

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