Learn to braid with @twistmepretty challenge

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Let’s talk about hair, shall we?

It comes in different lengths, colors, textures, etc. We all have it (if we’re lucky). And it’s another thing that sometimes stresses me out when I’m gettin ready each morning.

Having kids does a number to your morning routine, especially if you have one nursing (meaning YOU are tied down for 30-45 minutes easy). So when a lady I’ve been following on Insta for YEARS resurrected her email marketing to announce a 30-day braiding challenge, I thought, “Why the hell not!?”

The challenge runs the month of July so it’s not too late to jump in, too, if you’re interested. Abby is over at @twistmepretty on Insta and there are tons of DIYers like me posting our attempts using #30in30twistmepretty. (You can also follow my personal handle @heatherbartel while you’re there.)

Here are a few of the styles I’ve tried that I think I might rock in the days and weeks to come.

Day 3 – Side French braid

(Ooops! Lost the link to this one but you can find tons over at twistmepretty.com.)

Day 5 – Two French braids combined

Twistmepretty video

Day 7 – Reverse French into a top knot

Twistmepretty video

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