FIND | Let’s talk about Blenders Eyewear


Hello, friends! I’m so glad you’ve found me here. The “Finds” section of my blog is where I’ll share awesome product (or services) finds I’ve personally tried, fell in love with and now want everyone else to know about, too. 🙂

For our first “Find” post, let’s talk about sunglasses. Blenders Eyewear to be specific.

Sunglasses… shades… sunnies… whatever you prefer to call them, they come in handy on hot, summer days. Heck, I can’t leave the house without them any time that bright spot is in the sky. Winter, spring, summer or fall… sunglasses are needed by all. (See what I did there? I’m a poet and didn’t know it!)

Anyway, I used to stockpile cheap pairs of good brands that I’d pick up from my local T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. Then my sister introduced me to Ray Bans. Then Maui Jims. I’ve shelled out hundreds for these brands that really do provide the most amazing, clear and beautiful views. But I have kids now, and day care is costing us a small fortune, so I was all ears when our neighbors started talking about Blenders.

Blenders Eyewear - Referred by Heather Bartel

Before our neighbors mentioned them, the company was stating to target me on Facebook and Instagram with ads promoting their high-quality, stylish and affordable products. So apparently I fit their target demographic.

The first pair I bought were the Rose Theater (on the left in the image above) and I FREAKING LOVE them. They are lightweight, look great on, and the polarized lenses are on par with the quality of my beloved Ray Bans. And with a price point of $45 (before any discount), I was in luuuurve. Then I got all sorts of compliments when I started wearing them that it sent my heart factor over the moon, or sun I guess in this case.

Get yours today, and save $20 off an order of $50 or more!

Now I’m trying to refrain from buying every single pair they offer. Although I did snag a pair of Kennedy Moon aviators and gifted the Deep Space polarized shades to the hubs.

These glasses check all the boxes — style, comfort, quality, price, service — for me, so I encourage you to also give them a try!

Go to Blenders site and save.

Be sure to circle back and let me know what you think.


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