This is the exception, not the rule


Headlines like the one (below) make me giggle, and then awkwardly snort as I try to not spit out my go-go juice (coffee)… from literally laughing out loud.

Self-made Spanx billionaire Sara Blakey has never had coffee…

There was another one a couple years ago about a man in his 100s who never drank alcohol, which was combatted by a dude in the states claiming he’s lived to 100+ because he’s had a glass of whiskey everyday.

The truth is it’s all bull sh*t, even if it makes for interesting reads. These are all exceptions, not the rule. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow and if we constantly chase the latest health claim, then we won’t spend our time enjoying the lives we have.

These stories are great one-off anomalies that make for great reading, or literal bust-a-gut laughing. I can appreciate the individual choices people make, but I don’t try to adopt every single one.

Personally, I love the stories that say a glass of red wine per day is healthy or that dark chocolate should be my best friend. Sign me up! Until then, I try to abide by the golden health rule:

Everything in moderation

You tell me. What’s the craziest claim you’ve heard recently?

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