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If you had a choice between flats and heels, which would you choose?

I’m a hands down heels kind of gal. Always have been. In fact, I wore heels (until I couldn’t) with both my pregnancies for the simple fact that they were more comfortable than the flats I owned.

Oh, and for the purpose of this discussion, tennis shoes and sandals are not considered “flats.” I’m talking about all those cute “flats” appropriate for a business casual work environment.

For some reasons, most (all?) flats rub my poor heels RAW. I’ve tried name brand to knock off and have not found any that I could wear all day long… until now.

Rothy’s. This company has mastered how to target and retarget its customers using digital marketing. I couldn’t go anywhere on my social feeds without being served a Rothy’s as. And they know how to effectively use pain points to convert people like me to shell over $100+ on a pair of FLATS.

Why did I buy? I had to try.

I liked the styles. I loved the colors. The green manufacturing process of recycling plastic bottles intrigued me. And their messaging was on point. But I did not want to spend the money.

After reading the reviews, I had to try them for myself. And, gosh, am I so glad I did!

Then I read all the reviews, and other women like me were raving about them. How they actually were comfortable and you could wear them all day. How they didn’t rub your feet and how you could pair them with a dress or jeans and they looked beautiful.

Oh wait, there’s more!


Say what!?!? Yep. Finally a cute, comfortable and stylish flat (that had a social good story) AND you could machine wash when they got a little dirty. I felt like I came across a flat shoe unicorn and absolutely had to try them for myself.

I felt like I came across a flat shoe unicorn and absolutely had to try them for myself.

I bought the solid cherry flats… The Flat… to be specific.

I bought them. I tried them. I love them.

Save $20! If you use this link, you’ll get $20 off your first order.

If you do, let me know! I’m debating which ones to get next.

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