Go the f*ck to sleep


“Have kids,” they say. “They’re amazing,” they say. What they also tell you that’s dang true is that your kids will never let you figure them out. Just when you think you’re #winning in the parenting department, they’ll throw another curve ball.

Last week, I was gone for a 3-day business trip and several people kindly asked me how I was doing “being away from the baby” and toddler, and I’m sure my answer shocked them.

“I’m freaking awesome!”

Not only did I get almost 8 hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep but I did that for three nights. IN. A. ROW! It was bliss. Truly. And what’s more is That I woke up to this view instead of a screaming mini person or a whiny toddler:

Plus, I felt like it was good bonding time for my husband and the kiddos, especially our son who has been soothed by his mama the other 135 nights of his entire existence. Surely, three nights with Dad was welcomed. 😊

All joking aside, I don’t mind traveling now and again. I’m a working mom who loves what I do. I get to think big and do creative planning and build robust programs and campaigns that generate tangible business results. It’s fun and “working Heather” isn’t gone just because I had babies. I’m building a family in addition to a career, and it’s rewarding and exhausting all at the same time.

Plus, my kids won’t let me sleep. My son is back to waking 1-2 times per night (to nurse; poor guy is going through a growth spurt so it’s not his fault) and my toddler won’t stay in her big girl bed all night. She’s decided that 4am is the perfect time to whine for milk. She can be such a little sasshole when she wants to be.

So, as I sit here wide awake feeding my baby (it’s 4:40am) and reminiscing about my business trip, I want to reiterate how glorious 8 hours of consecutive sleep is for the brain and soul.

Hang in there, fellow working mamas. We may not always get credit for the round-the-clock work, but the glory days of uninterrupted sleep will return. And when they do, they will be all the sweeter for having gone through this hellish stage where we just want our kids to go the f*ck to sleep.

Can I get an amen!?

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