Permission to just be

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Hey, mamas.

I’ve got a topic to talk about and I’m curious how you feel. To do lists. Do you love them or loathe them?

At any given time I have no less than 5-6 lists running… grocery list, shopping list, priority list, team task list, project list plus an abnormally high quantity of post it notes, each chicken scratched with — you guessed it — another list! It’s pure insanity on one hand and a necessary evil on the other. I just cannot remember everything I’m supposed to get done these days.

I’ve read several articles about how the female brain literally changes during pregnancy, and after. OMG! I’m convinced the after is way worse. Even things that are important — like paying bills and filling out thank you cards — get completely swiped from my mind. Like, no trace. It’s as if the Men in Black made me stare at one of those futuristic memory erasers in real life.

Now, is it the fact that our brains have gone to mush post-kiddos OR do we simply try and do too much? It’s a legit question to ponder. There is no shortage of articles talking about America’s obsession with “busy” and how we’re wasting away our lives trying to get so much done rather than prioritizing, I don’t know, life. Maybe it’s time to slow down and start Making a conscious decision to just… be.

The challenge, I think, is that when I’m sitting down or not tackling the loads of laundry piling up or sending off one more work email or providing that last nugget of input on a marketing flow… I feel guilty. So guilty! When did doing all the things become the yard stick by which we measure our selves?

As I’ve said recently, “we can do anything, just not everything” yet we still try to stay on top of all the things at home and at work after multiplying our responsibilities by having children. (Not to mention taking on more responsibilities at work.)

The hard truth is something’s got to give, and it’s up to us to define what we’re okay with letting slide.

I’ve let my colleagues down recently. I’ve upset my husband. I have missed a school event. Don’t even ask me the last time I worked out. And all of this is weighing on my mind, and making me think.

If I’m always so busy doing things, when will I have time to enjoy them?

Food for thought.

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