Kids and Concrete: Gettin’ Crafty

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We do our best to keep our kids active and entertained, which usually includes lots of book reading, doll playing and — gulp — PJ Masks on the iPad. I’m sorry. There’s only so much Disney Junior I can take.

Thankfully we live in a neighborhood with a ton of kids Brooke’s age and they all play together as well as any group of toddlers can be expected to play together. For Brooke’s birthday, she got a “Stepping Stone kit like this one that turned out to bea pretty fun craft for her and Dad. No tears shed!

See!?!? Proof it was fun! We do love minions around here, and often reference how having a three year old must be similar to Me. Gru’s crew. 😊

The whole process was pretty simple and my husband got to use one of the many tools he swears he needs that I’ve never seen used once. Like this power drill attachment that served to mix the powder + water concoction!

Per her adventurous spirit, my daughter even gave mixing a spin. (Pun intended albeit not very funny, I know.

Given the concrete-ness of this project, Brooke was fine letting her daddy pour the mold and get it all ready for her to “make pretty.”

She was happy being patient! I was proud. Plus, I didn’t have to get all dusty or dirty… yet.

Once the mold was smoothed out and ready, it was time for the handprint. In retrospect we should have listened to the reviewers who recommended coating your kid’s hand in Vaseline. Not because she had any kind of reaction but it was nearly impossible to get her to wash her hands once she realized we were letting her play in “mud.”

Once her handprint was done, she had a blast picking out glass shards and silly billy putting them wherever she wanted.

Disclosure: While glass pieces were involved, they were not sharp sharp nor did they cause us any concern. It was more or less my own perfectionist tendencies I had to keep at bay to allow her to haphazardly place pieces. Thankfully she takes direction quite well. 😊

Voila! A beautiful stone in about 15 minutes. Now to let it dry…

:: 24 hours later ::

[I will add a pic of the final stone in our garden once I snap a photo!]

How do you and your littles unleash creativity?

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