Today marks the mid-term election. Two years ago, red states put a doofus in power and we’ve watched a sad version of The Washington Apprentice. Only this is real life and real (innocent and defenseless) people are in jeopardy because 45 is a narcissist.

I don’t respect people who place personal gain ahead of collective growth nor do I admire assholes who rate their individual success by the zeroes in their foreign bank accounts.

I’m not Republican or a Democrat. Not Red or Blue. I’m human and I have a heart. I can empathize with people who’s personal situations don’t come close to mirroring mine. In fact, I’m so damn lucky. No parent should ever have to fear for their child’s life. Those countries need help. Those people shouldn’t need to suffer just because they ended up with power-hungry asshats in public office.

I’m a privileged white woman who’s mad as hell that I have to work harder to make the same as my male counterparts. I’m equally pissed that we cannot have civilized conversations in our own country because people can no longer think for themselves.

I’m heading to the polls after I finish nursing my son, and I hope you go exercise your right, too.


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