Clean, please!

Family, Freestyle

We did something. After years of cursing and complaining, we finally caved and hired a cleaning service.

And you know what!?!? Come to find out, it’s a dirty little secret that people don’t like to talk about because the minute I mentioned I was “in the market” a small majority of my friends group confessed they did the same thing… years ago. And they never looked back.

I don’t know what perplexes me more: that I held out so long or that everyone else kept this a secret.

A cleaning service is THE. BEST. THING. EVER. Period.

Not only does my house feel better, I’m now more mindful of keeping surfaces tidy and minimizing messes. It’s like crack… I just can’t stop.

The best part IMHO is coming home to a made bed with all the pillows. Ain’t she pretty!?!!

Alas, I’m now one of those households. With a cleaning service. And it don’t feel a darn bit guilty about it.

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