The Big One: How to Throw a Shark-Themed Birthday Party

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I’m that Pinterest mom. I spend months scouring the inter webs for a good theme and pin all the ideas.

Then, I spend each weekend leading up to the party tackling one or two crafts and spending way too much on Amazon Prime.

The result? I get a much needed creative release and my kid’s parties turn out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. I love doing this even though I realize it’s a bit over the top at times.

Kids and Concrete: Gettin’ Crafty

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We do our best to keep our kids active and entertained, which usually includes lots of book reading, doll playing and — gulp — PJ Masks on the iPad. I’m sorry. There’s only so much Disney Junior I can take.

Thankfully we live in a neighborhood with a ton of kids Brooke’s age and they all play together as well as any group of toddlers can be expected to play together. For Brooke’s birthday, she got a “Stepping Stone kit like this one that turned out to be

VIDEO | “Take 2” Stitch Fix Unboxing video

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A new box arrived on my doorstep today!

I can’t believe this is my TENTH fix. For working moms who don’t have time (correction: don’t make the time) to go leisure shopping for stylish work clothes, you will love Stitch Fix.

If nothing else, it’s just fun to receive a package of surprise goodies that you have zero obligation to keep… unless you get a few things you can’t give back! Lol.

The boxes may not always be wins, but I do always love receiving items I wouldn’t necessarily pick out myself.

If you watched my last unboxing video — SPOILER ALERT

VIDEO | “Red, Please” Stitch Fix Unboxing

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Hey yo! Heather here with my second Stitch Fix unboxing video.

If you’re new to Stitch Fix, it’s like having a personal stylist who hand picks items based on your input and sends you a mystery box full of (5) goodies. You pick keep what you like and send everything else back in the handy dandy envelope they provide. There are incentives to keep everything — like 25% off — so for less than $200 you get:

Learn to braid with @twistmepretty challenge

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Let’s talk about hair, shall we?

It comes in different lengths, colors, textures, etc. We all have it (if we’re lucky). And it’s another thing that sometimes stresses me out when I’m gettin ready each morning.

Having kids does a number to your morning routine, especially if you have one nursing (meaning YOU are tied down for 30-45 minutes easy). So when a lady I’ve been following on Insta for YEARS resurrected her email marketing to announce a 30-day braiding challenge, I thought, “Why the hell not!?”

VIDEO | “Return to Work” Stitch Fix Unboxing

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Hey there! Heather here, coming to you with my first ever unboxing video.

If you’ve been thinking about trying Stitch Fix (or if you’re just curious!) then check out this very-low-production-quality video I shot in my living room that reveals the goodies a Stitch Fix personal stylist chose for me. 🙂

Want to give Stitch Fix a try? Use my referral link:

xo ~H