4 steps to remove bears (or monsters) from your home

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I’m not sure what initiates the existence of monsters under the bed, but our daughter came home from “school” a few weeks ago claiming there were bears chasing her. Apparently, they sing and dance to a jungle song and the teachers pretend to be bears. Seems innocent enough, but kids have wild imaginations.

The whole bear chasing her thing was cute until it started impeding on bedtime. On naptime. On going to the potty. On going outside. On anything. These damn bears had to go.

The perfect kid gift for Dad (or Mom)

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It’s Father’s Day and dads around the country are being acknowledged, celebrated and gifted. Ads across all media channels highlight the latest grilling gear, endless beer paraphernalia, and a gazillion go-to power tools.

Our daughter has been on a monster kick lately so, with some inspiration from our neighbor and a Pinterest search, we put our creative muscle to work.