On the eve of my son’s first birthday, as I watch him smirk and squeal and attempt to walk although not yet without the aid of that fancy Fisher-Price accessory, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of awe and pure freaking love.

He’s perfect and I’m so blessed to be his momma.

When we learned our second was going to be a boy, there were equal parts cheer and sadness. I have a younger sister so I know firsthand the lifelong bond sisterhood brings. My husband had two brothers so the bros were in full swing. (My MIL is a bad ass.) With one of each, would they love each other or fight incessantly?

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Raise your hand if you’re one of those super moms who jot down your child’s every first. First visitors, first smile, first giggle, first time to the park, first time rolling over. I bow down to you. I’m not that put together.

I may not have a cute baby’s first book (although I bought a couple adorable ones before our daughter arrived), but I have found the secret to keeping track of special milestones while looking like I’ve got my sh*t together.